Culture, shopping and city life, Montpellier is full of treasures!  

The Ecusson is the name given to the old part of the city that stretches from the Place de la Comédie to the Peyrou gardens. The web of narrow, winding streets, interspersed with their quaint squares, would be charming in any case, but their attractiveness is greatly enhanced by the fact that the entire area is car-free. It's a perfect place for a tranquil stroll, or for passing some time on a café terrace or dining outdoors.

A reliable tramway can whisk you right to the heart of the city in 20 minutes, from a station only 10 minutes drive from the gite -no more worries about traffic jams, finding a parking place or exhorbitant parking fees and fines !

Montpellier's festivals are trendsetters in dance, music, theatre and cinema.

But the city has a flourishing cultural and artistic lifke that extends well beyond the summer high points. Seven theatres (and three café-theatres), a national opera, three art cinemas, and a dozen concert halls offer programmes for every taste. One big plus: there's no need to reserve weeks in advance !

The Fabre Galery, newly expanded and renovated, reopened in February 2007. Its collection is considered to be one of the best in France's public museums.